Saturday, March 17, 2012

Money, Money, Money

I have went to the same doctor's office now for the past 18 years.  When I married my husband almost 14 years ago, he started going to this office as well.  When each of my children were born, both of  them immediately started going to the same office so we've known the doctors here for quite some time.  My husband and the kids see a different doctor then I do and mine recently decided to start a practice in another nearby town.

I continually got calls from our regular clinic that it was time for an annual physical and I called the clinic to tell them that I'd decided to see my regular doctor (that moved) for that type of appointments.  I just feel more comfortable with him. I thought I'd continue to use him at his new location (because it's close to my work) and if I was home sick at any point (rarely happens) I'd try to get an appointment with our regular clinic because it's closer to home.  (Every time I go to the doctor I usually hear, "we haven't seen you for quite a while".)  As I said, I just don't get sick.

Anyway, I recently called up my regular clinic to schedule my shot that I receive every 3 months.  When I got to the office, I was asked for a copy of my medical card.  No big deal, I hadn't been there for myself for a while even though both kids had just had their annual physicals.  I got everything squared away and waited to be called into the exam room.

After what seemed like forever (I'm only getting a shot for crying out loud), I was finally called back by the nurse.  As we entered an exam room she put the needle down on the counter and said we need to talk before she could give me my shot.  I thought, strange, but ok.  What came out of her mouth next floored me.  She said, "Are you going to continue to use this office or go to Dr. X (my doctor that moved). "   I responded, "I don't know what I'm going to do."  Then she said, "well you need to make a decision if you are going to see him or us.  We do not make money off people that come in here for injections.  It's been over a year, it's about time for you to make up your mind."  "I cannot give you this shot unless you decide you are going to use a doctor here." 

As I picked my jaw up off the floor I quickly agreed to see one of the doctors at this clinic thinking to myself the entire time, these are the people I trust my children with.  Ones that are more worried about making a dollar vs. providing care for their patients.  Are you f'ing kidding me here lady?  I seriously was waiting for someone to come out with a camera because I couldn't believe this wasn't a joke.  

I have stewed about this encounter all week.  My first thought was to call up the main doctor at this clinic and ask him if this is really how they want to be represented.  Then I thought, screw them, I'll call the other doctors office, get my prescription moved to the new clinic and call it good.  Two problems with both scenarios, 1st, my husband has been really sick all week and using our regular clinic to treat him.  If I complain are they going to give him substandard care?  I wouldn't think so as I trust his doctor there but in the back of my mind I keep reliving the "money talk" the nurse gave me which was completely unethical and disgusting and wondering if this is how this is now how they are going to do business.  Also, #2 my children still go there. 

I've talked to my mom about this and she thinks I am crazy for not already moving the kids out of there. I've talked to one of my good friends and she thinks the same thing....RUN.  This is such a hard decision to make. As I said, I love my kids' and my husband's doctor and think he's wonderful. Do I blame an entire clinic of doctors for something a nurse said to me?  Did I just catch a nurse having a bad day?  I have to believe someone told this nurse to tell me this but who?


  1. I think you should DEFINITELY complain to whoever the head doctor is, and inform him of which nurse it was and exactly what was said. Tell him how it made you feel, and that you're thinking of pulling your whole family out of the office. This is COMPLETELY unethical we as Americans have the right to see any doctor we chose (for now) and none of them should be forcing you to make a decision. I realize this is hard and I can understand that too, but this was WRONG on so many levels, they cannot hold treatment from you because you don't visit there often enough. I've never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. I would have got up and walked out, and called the other doctor to get the shot. Good luck w/ your decision it does seem like a tough one. Maybe ask your friends which clinic/doctor they go to that's close, and you can switch to that one.

  2. I think you should complain and then take all of your needs elsewhere. That is awful. That nurse should not be working with people if that is the attitude she has.

  3. Update: My husband is still going through their clinic to get him fixed up so I am holding off for now but I do plan to call and find out what the heck is going on here.