Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Things that make me smile.

My last post, Things That Piss Me Off was written after having a really bad week. This week hasn't been so bad so I decided I would follow up with a list of things that make me smile.

 1. My kids. They never cease to amaze me and make me really proud. I love watching them in their activities, I love watching them just hang out together, and I love that they have such big hearts. There is nothing I wouldn't do for either of them.

 2. My husband. He is such a great man. He puts up with my crap and loves me unconditionally. We don't always see eye to eye on things and we've had a couple rough patches but in the end, I think we were meant to be together.

 3. My parents. Let me start off by saying, I am an only child. Every move I make in my life is watched like a hawk by my parents and I don't always make the moves they believe I should but regardless, they would do anything for me and love me anyways.

 4. My friends. I've always been told that it's not how many friends you have, it's how many true friends you have. Someone that you could call and they'd be right there for you. Someone who doesn't expect something in return when they do you a favor. Someone that doesn't keep tally of what they've done for vs. what you've done for them. In the past few years I've found my true friends and cleaned house of the other type of friend.

 5. My job. I know, crazy right. Even on the bad days I'm still thankful for my job. I have worked my tail off for 12 years and my boss rewards me all of the time for my hard work and lets me know how much he appreciates the job I'm doing.

 6. When elderly people tell me stories. I love the fact that their eyes light up when they are telling stories of the crazy things they did in the past.

 7. Fun blogs. I've only recently started exploring the blog world and I cannot believe what I was missing. This started with a friend posting a link on FB to the blog, People I Want To Punch In The Throat .  If you haven't checked this blog out, I highly suggest it. After you get done laughing your arse off, check out some of the other blogs I have listed on my page. There are some seriously funny people out there!

 8. Vacations with my family. For the last 5 years we have spent a week down at the Lake of the Ozarks. We have such a great time down there. I've asked the kids if they'd rather go somewhere else but they always say no. The past few years we've been vacationing with the same family that also have 2 kids and they all love being able to bunk together, fish together, ride in the paddle boat or just searching for turtles. We've already got our place booked for our vacation this year and we cannot wait.

 9. My Fridays off. I love when I am able to take my kids to school in the morning and pick them up after school in the afternoon. I love that I can go to the store when most people are at work and not have to dodge people just to get around or wait in a check out line for what seems like an eternity. I love that I can spend time with one of my true friends that also is off and we can do our shopping together or just hang out. I love that I can schedule all of my appointments on a day and not feel guilty about missing work.

 10. My Life. After reviewing this list I can honestly say that I'm a pretty lucky person. I need to look at this list on my bad days to give myself a reminder that it's really not so bad.


  1. You know, when we were growing up, we were raised to not say anything if we don't have anything good to say! We learned to hold it in! Now as adults, we get older, we learn that we need to vent a little! I liked your last post about things that piss you off, and I love that you use blogging to vent as I do often! The beauty is that you can balance it out with this beautiful post. You are doing just fine worries! Glad I am in good company! xo DG

    1. PS - I loved all of these but #8 was great - what a nice memory for you kids!

  2. Great post. You are a very lucky lady!